One Armed Lullaby – Sevdaliza



The first time I’ve heard of Sevdaliza was when she beautifully provided vocals on STWO‘s “Haunted.” She released a brand new track, “One Armed Lullaby” which is featured on Red Bull 20 Before 16 series – 20 days, 20 artists, and 20 exclusive tracks to bring in the New Year. “One Armed Lullaby” is just as an amazing as a track as “Haunted”, from the vocals and lyrics, which are written by Sev herself, down to the production, done by Mucky Beats and co-produced by Sev. It’s all beautiful.

‘One Armed Lullaby’ is a deep, reflective slice of contemporary r&b, augmented with the seductive vocals of Sevdaliza. Born in Iran, the recent Red Bull Music Academy grad has been causing a stir on the Internet of late, with her distinctive sound and sense of style. Take the video for her single ‘The Valley’ where she plays six different women at once, exploring six parallel realities – her work with long-time collaborator Mucky is instinctive and about going with the moment, while drawing on a unique perspective on life. There’s truly nothing quite as confident as her out there, and like ‘One Armed Lullaby’ shows, her sound is all about what lurks beneath the surface, as opposed to what we take in at first glance.

Stream and grab the free download below.

For previous releases of Red Bull 20 Before 16 series visit


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