Gravez Has Been On A Roll



I first heard of Gravez since his collab remix of Denzel Curry’s “Threatz” with Ekali, since then he’s been on my radar. He produced Bryson Tiller’s “502 Come Up” with J-Louis on TRAPSOUL, which is officially a Platinum Album. Pretty amazing feature for an artist who bounced on the scene a little over a year ago. A little over a month ago he released “Ecco”, a haunting banger featuring Tek.Lun. Last week, Hucci came out of blue and released a new track, “Bless”, a collaboration with non other than Gravez. Another banger. While this week is coming to a close, Gravez released two more songs. There’s releases on releases coming from him.

The first from this week is a ZHU remix. He links up with Jarreau Vandal and tackles “In The Morning” giving a toned down feel, but still has the gliding bass that you hear in Gravez’ music.

Next up, “Phantom”. He released this one earlier today. From the very beginning you already know it’s a flip. A short flip that is absolutely nuts.

When will the next release be from Gravez? Who knows. Appreciate and enjoy everything he’s already put out. Stream all his releases on SoundCloud or download them on Bandcamp. Catch him on tour with the HW&W crew in Europe.



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